The Best! Cartoons is an American basic cable and sattelite telvision network funded and created by Fanon Fun! Entertainment. The channel was created on July 11, 2013 and has become quite popular for it's wide range of cartoons.

It features many acquired programs as well as some original ones made for The Best! Cartoons. It is meant to replace the failed Nicklassic with some of it's programs airing on the channel. Animation is clearly the main focus and as such animes and cartoons will usually air, but if acquired, there will be some live-action shows.

The Best! Cartoons
Launched July 11, 2013
Owned by Fanon Fun! Entertainment
Picture format 1080p
Slogan "We're the best!"
Country US
Language English
Broadcast area United States, Canada, Britain
Headquarters Denver, CO


Note: If there is an X near a show it airs at night, if there is a Y the show plays reruns as it is cancelled or has finished it's run.

Original ProgrammingEdit

The channel calls it's original programming The Best Cartoons.

Brought Over from NickelodeonEdit

Acquired ProgrammingEdit



Plays Nicky, The ACS, Welcome to Nicktropolis, The Bagel Show, and Y-Guy. Airs every Monday from 3:00 PM to 5:30 PM.

Only the BestEdit

Plays only original programs. Airs every friday 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

R.I.P Cartoons!Edit

Cancelled cartoon reruns. Airs every Sunday morning.

The Best! NightEdit

Plays all shows marked with an X, mainly for mature or teen audiences and is similar to Nick@Nite or Adult Swim.


An eerie thriller block currently featuring the Unknown Memoirs. Plays at 7:00 before The Best! Night, as it is not two mature but rated TV-PG, sometimes with an even high rating based on content.