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Launched April 2nd 2014
Picture format SDTV 4:3

HDTV 16:9

Slogan "Where the pow is"
Country United States

United Kingdom

Language English
Broadcast area South America
Sister channel(s) PowerAdult




 Powertoon is an American cable and satellite television channel made by PowerCable Productions. It airs kids series but in midnight PowerAdult airs Teen & Adult series. It has it's parental advisory rating system. Curiousgorge66 has revived the channel in December 2014. 

Rating SystemEdit

These are the rating systems. 


(more is coming soon!)


You can add some! Just make sure it's not adultish.

Screen Bugs (When the show starts)Edit

Add some if you want to, don't add in adult shows!

Suggest a show!Edit

Hey guys! I just need suggestions so that the channel will be larger! So suggest here!


Show Name Show By: (Show creator) Suggestion By: (Suggester)


  • Nick Fanon Adventures (you'll find it here) - TV-PG, sometimes TV-14 (Dear K#vinDoctor Who?, Ultimate User Fighting episodes). Created by yours truly. Some episodes might have to be censored, if you were wondering. (Gender-FlippedDudeshow and The Who-Possibly Buddies, seen in the episode list, are completely different shows that just fit into the continuity) Accepted: Only on PowerAdult. 
  • Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing - TV-Y7-FV, sometimes TV-PG. Created by the king of awesomeness. Suggested by the king of awesomeness. : Accepted