Nick X is an all cartoon Nick channel.
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In August 2011, Viacom announced that they will be making a new Nickelodeon-based channel. It would feature programs from the old Nickelodeon, and new programming. They said that there will be no live-action shows. They announced a few months later that it will launch on June 7, 2012.


Nick X made bumpers similar to Cartoon Network's city era bumpers with characters from other shows interacting with each other.The first one they did was Whoopee Cushner from The Disrespectoids Show beatboxing while Parappa from Parappa the Rapper raps.A few days later the made an ad with Wage from Uglydolls skatboarding with Red M&M from The M&M's Show roller skating.


Nicktoon Mornings with SpongeBob & PatrickEdit

A morning block that shows episodes of old Nicktoon shows that air on the network. The block is hosted by SpongeBob & Patrick at Nicktoon Studios during breakfast time

The Jimmy/Timmy Power HourEdit

A 1 hour block that airs back to back episodes of The Fairly Odd Parents and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron

Nick TunesEdit

A music block that shows episodes of Parappa the Rapper,Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, DJ School: The Series and music videos similar to "CN Groovies". The block is hosted by Parappa, PJ, Lammy, Katy, and Ma-san.

Nick At NoonEdit

An afternoon block that goes on until 9:00 P.M.

The 90's on Nick XEdit

A 2 hour block similar to The 90's Are All That that shows old Nicktoons from the 90's. This block is hosted by Henry & June from KaBlam!

Nick After DarkEdit

A nighttime block, related to Cartoon Network's [Adult Swim] that airs adult orianted programming.

Nicktoons TonightEdit

A friday night block similar to Cartoon Network Fridays and like Cartoon Network Fridays, the opening shows the Nicktoons getting ready for the show.The block is hosted by different Nicktoons.

Nick TheaterEdit

A block which airs a movie of a Nickelodeon show and other movies from Paramount,Dreamworks etc.


Viacom announced they will do some shorts like Astrology With Squidward, Matt-Titans, Parappa's Short Adventures, etc.

Toonkid BumpersEdit

In the U.K. and other countries, they made bumpers similar to Cartoon Network Brazil's "Toonix" Bumpers.