The channel's logo.
Launched April 7, 2015
Closed Still running
Owned by Mr Pookie
Picture format 14:6
Slogan "It's MEGA ToonTime!"
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Headquarters Glasgow, Scotland
Virgin Media 722
Sky 608
MegaNicktoons is a British television channel that broadcasts different animated series by different creators. The channel was released on April 7, 2015 and is still running.

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As of May 2018, MegaNicktoons is avilable to approximetly 58,295,688 pay television households (69.32% of households with television) across the UK.

MegaNicktoons' time block is from 6:00 AM-10:00 PM, before switching over to Channel Off Air.

Schedule CycleEdit


The Epic Animals (6:00 AM)

Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing (6:30 AM)

Y-Guy (7:00 AM)

The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet (7:30 AM)

The Pizza Show (8:00 AM)

Tom Does Everything (8:30 AM)

6 (9:00 AM)

65 Million Years Ago (9:30 AM)

Chrome's Show of Chromeyness (10:00 AM)

Car-Boy (11:00 AM)

Solar (11:30 AM)

The Bagel Show (12:00 PM) (April 9- present)

Schedule repeats until day ends


The Pizza Show (6:00 AM)

Car-Boy (7:00 AM)

Solar (8:00 AM)

SpongeBob SquarePants (9:00 AM)

Y-Guy (10:00 AM)

Chrome's Show of Chromeyness (11:00 AM)

The Bagel Show (12:00 PM)

The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet (1:00 PM)

Tom Does Everything (2:00 PM)

Schedule repeats until day ends (excluding) SpongeBob)

MegaTuesdays (new episodes) Edit

6 (4:30 PM)

Y-Guy (5:00 PM)

The Pizza Show (5:30 PM)

65 Million Years Ago (6:00 PM)

The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet (6:30 PM)

Car-Boy (7:00 PM)


MegaTuesdays is the channel's new episode block, aired on Tuesdays from 4:30 PM-7:30 PM. New episodes of 6, Y-Guy, The Pizza Show, 65 Million Years Ago, The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet and Car-Boy are aired. For the MegaTuesdays schedule, go to "Schedule Cycle" and find the "MegaTuesdays" section.

NOTE 1: Due to Y-Guy ending after only a few new episodes, The Scientific Adventures of Professor Wormo replaced it.

NOTE 2: A new episode will always premiere with the previous new episode. For example, the Car-Boy episode "Fin" will premiere with the previous episode, "Car-Boy the Babysitter".

Mega Tuesday AdsEdit

April 2015Edit

Narrator: "Get your MEGA on every Tuesday with MegaTuesdays! Bringing you all the brand new episodes straight to your TV! With brand new episodes of 6!"

(Suddenly, a large Apple appears with a screen on his face)


(Cake falls and faceplants to the ground)

Narrator: "Brand new Y-Guy!"

(Gum appears and stretches into a screen)

Y-Guy: "This is the second time you destroyed time!"

Gum: "Sorry..."


Narrator: "New episodes of The Pizza Show!

(Slice appears and opens a pizza box with a screen inside)

Pepperoni: "997, 998, 999..."

Narrator: "65 Million Years Ago!"

(A rock falls from the sky with a screen on it)

(Rawr has wood stuck to his butt)


Rex: "Because then you couldn't poop."

Narrator: "The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet!"

(Professor Wormo appears with a screen on wheels)


Professor Grasshopper: "No".


Professor Grasshopper: "No".

Snail: "I NEED TO PEE!"

Narrator: And, CAR-BOY!

(Car-Boy zooms in with a screen)

Dinosaur: "ROAAAAAARR!"


Narrator: "So look out for MegaTuesdays! Next Tuesday from 4:30, only on MEGANICKTOONS!"

May 2015Edit

Narrator: Every day needs a little MEGA, which is why we're bringing you MEGATUESDAYS! We've got all the brand new episodes of all the best shows, like 6!

(A large Apple appears with a screen on his face)

(We see Potato teleport forward)

Potato: Yeah.

Peanut: Pretty!

Narrator: The 4-part Y-Guy series FINALE!

(Gum appears and streches into a screen)

(We see Y-Guy's bad dream)

Narrator: All new 65 Million Years Ago!

(Rock falls with screen on it)


Claw (in pencil form): Because...

Narrator: Then we're shrinking down for The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet...

(Screen zooms in a huge amount to see the gang and a TV, which shows this clip)

Bugly (skydiving): I think my parachute is broken. OH MY GOSH I JUST REALISED HOW TERRIBLE THAT IS!

BeeBee (skydiving): Should I mention that mine and Snail's have broken too?

Narrator: Vroom! Car-Boy as well!

(Car-Boy zooms in with a screen)

(Screen shows Car-Boy barfing out water from "The Flood)

Narrator: And on May 26th, the new(ish) show, The Scientific Adventures of Professor Wormo is showing brand new episodes- early!

(Professor Wormo comes in with a screen on wheels)

Professor Wormo: Of course Sweden exists!

Dave: Oh. I thought it was just some type of fancy cheese.

Professor Wormo: *facepalm* Now let's get going!

Narrator: I can't wait! Catch MegaTuesdays this Tuesday/tomorrow/today at 4:30, only on:

All Main Characters of MegaNicktoons Shows: MEGANICKTOONS!


The channel shows different bumpers associated with the time of day and MegaTuesdays.

Morning Bumpers (6:00-10:00)Edit


The morning bumpers show lots of character pinballs in a pinball machine, and the show coming next lands on a platform saying whatever time that it comes on, and does the same with the show coming later.


The weekend bumpers will show a cube, and it will revolve around, showing a scene on every side. On the top and bottom, it will then say the show name on one side, and the channel's logo on the other.

Daytime Bumpers (10:00-16:00)Edit

Weekdays and WeekendsEdit

During the day, it will show a scene from the show coming next.. A character from that show will then throw it away, revealing a scene from the show coming up later.

Evening/Nightime Bumpers (16:00-22:00)Edit

Like on Cartoon Network, the evening/nightime bumpers are a scene from the show repeated with different colours (sometimes).


The MegaTuesdays bumpers are random, and they show a lot of things quickly happening, to show and drop the bumper.


6 at 6Edit

6 at 6 was an event that ran from 1st May 2015 until 1st June 2015. It was airings of 6 for the whole hour of 6AM-7AM and 6PM-7PM. Every day after the blocks, there was a special 6 toy to be won. The last day of this offered a "Mega Bundle" full of 6 DVDs, toys, etc.

MEGA MarathonsEdit

The MEGA Marathons air every 2 or 3 weeks. It shows episodes of one show from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday. The first show with a marathon was The Bagel Show.


Programme Years Rating
Car-Boy 2015-present TV-Y7, TV-Y7-FV
The Pizza Show 2015-present TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG
Tom Does Everything 2015-present TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG
The Epic Adventures Beneath our Feet 2015-present TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG
Y-Guy 2015-present TV-Y7, TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG
The Epic Animals 2015-present TV-Y7-FV
Pookie's Awesome Cartoon Thing 2015-present TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG
Chrome's Show of Chromeyness 2015-present TV-PG
Solar 2015-present TV-PG-LV


  • Whenever an episode with several parts, eg. The Pizza Show's Glitched, airs, the break always says "Part 2 of ______ will be up after the break on MegaNicktoons!
  • Due to MegaTuesdays beginning at 4:30 PM, only 1 episode of CSoC is shown from 4:00 PM.