This is a new channel launching on March 6, 2012 replacing Nick Jr. It was comfiremed on May 23, 2011.

Weekday Only BlocksEdit


The preschool block

  • 7:00AM Out of the Box
  • 7:30AM Gearld McBoing Boing
  • 8:00AM Blue's Clues
  • 8:30AM Peppa Pig
  • 9:00AM Out of the Box
  • 9:30AM Blue's Clues

Adult SwimEdit

The nighttime block

  • 8:00PM The Simpsons
  • 8:30PM South Park
  • 9:00PM American Dad!
  • 9:30PM Family Guy
  • 10:00PM American Dad!
  • 10:30PM Robot Chicken
  • 11:00PM Everybody Hates Chris
  • 11:30PM Gorge Lopez
  • 12:00AM Aqua Team: Hunger Force
  • 12:30AM Beavis and Butthead
  • 1:00AM Robot Chicken
  • 1:30AM Family Guy
  • 2:00AM HomestarSB9's Comedy Moments Uncensored
  • 2:30AM Space Ghost Coast to Coast
  • 3:00AM Full House
  • 3:30AM Full House
  • 4:00AM The Simpsons
  • 4:30AM HomestarSB9 Comedy Moments Uncensored
  • 5:00AM My Wife and Kids
  • 5:30AM Family Matters



List of programs brodcast by Everything Network

Zuko is a beast 250px

Zuko is a beast 250px

Zuko is a beast 250px

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