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The Dark Side Channel is a channel made by DeadManThunder and in association with 300 cats productions. The DarkSide Channel started broadcasting on September 5th 2010. Now that 300 cats Productions have now murged with darkside industries forming the Mega Dark Seid Studios and starting Friday May 16th 2014 at 11:59 pm the Dark Side Channel will start airing uncensored and uncut programs all day and start airing TV-MA programs at any time of day. Also Launching The New Anime Action Pack starting on Saturday May 17th 2014 at 5:00pm and Here at darkside all anime will be uncut as well even including the F-word. Satrting on January 1 2015 a new segment called Dark Side presents will start showing lost works from the Dark Side studios

Original ProgrammingEdit

WTFHS. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LSV. (September 5 2010-September 2017)

No Where Special. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-LSV/ TV-MA. (March 16 2014- )

The Weird Family. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-L (December 13 2012- Feburary 1 2014)

Years Of Hell. TV-14-DLV. (October 20 2013- )

StarShip9. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-V. (September 5 2010- September 2015 )

J School. TV-14-DLSV. (July 4 2011- )

The Maurice Show. TV-14-DLV/ TV-MA-L (September 10 2013- June 2015)

Air Zone. TV-14-DLSV. (September 12 2012- )

TeamCommando. TV-14-DLV/ TV-MA-LV (September 5 2010-December 31 2013)

Legend Of The Spaceman. TV-PG-LSV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-L (December 10 2013- December 2015 )

News@6. TV-14-DLSV (November 1 2010- )

Walking Geeks. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-SV (July 20 2011- )

John And The Strangers. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA (Feburarty 17 2014- )

Just Chickens. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-DLSV (Janurary 23 2013- Feburary 1 2014)

Weird Video Games. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-V (September 5 2010- May 5 2012)

Odd11. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-V. (April 17 2012- April 18 2014)

The Pony Kid. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DV/ TV-MA (April 1 2013- April 18 2014)

[Banned]. TV-Y7-FV/ TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA (March 10 2013-July 1 2014)

Locks. TV-14-DLS. (September 5 2010- )

Echoing. TV-14-LSV/ TV-MA-V. (April 21 2014- )

Cartoon Talk Show. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-DL/ TV-MA (May 22 2013-)

Life At College. TV-PG-DLS/ TV-14-DLSV. (May 8 2014- May 2015 )

The Stupid Show. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLSV. (May 16 2014- )

That Hand Puppet Show TV-PG-DL/ TV-14. (August 5 2014- )

Let The Games Begin. TV-14-DLSV. (September 5 2014- )

The Pop Kid Show. TV-14-DLV/ TV-MA-L. (September 5 2014- )

The Diaries of Maurice TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LV (September 2015- )

Extreme Fire Wrestling (Live) TV-14-LV (February 27 2015 - )

WTFHS II TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LSV (September 2019)

Syndicated Programming Edit

MAD. TV-PG-LV. (September 15 2010- Will Be Cancelled After September 15 2014)

MonsterIslandBuddies. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-DLS/ TV-MA (July 26 2013- )

-Edited- TV-MA-LS. (September 22 2010- )

CreepyPasta. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LSV (October 31 2010- )

Teenage Pokemon. TV-14-DLS/ TV-MA-S (March 16 2014- )

YTP. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-L (September 5 2010- )

Dick Figures. TV-14-DLV/ TV-MA-L. (March 7 2013- )

Two Time Travelling Idiots. TV-14-DLSV (April 11 2014- )

Happy Tree Freinds. TV-MA-V. (March 7 2013- )

Angry Video Game Nerd. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-L (June 23 2013- )

Heil Honey I'm Home. TV-14. (April 1 2014- )

Monty Python's Flying Circus. TV-14. (April 22 2014- )

Salad Fingers. TV-14-V/ TV-MA. (May 9 2014- )

Nostalgia Critic. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-L. (May 9 2014- )

Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA (May 17 2014- )

Code Geass: R2. TV-14-LV/ TV-MA (Following Completion of Code Geass)

Soul Eater. TV-PG-LSV/ TV-14-DLSV. (May 17 2014- )

Full Metal Alchemist. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-LV. (May 17 2014- )

FMA: Brother Hood. TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-LV/ TV-MA-V. (May 17 2014- )

CowBoy Bebop. TV-14-LV. (May 17 2014- )

Neon Genesis: Evangelion. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLV/ TV-MA (July 30 2014- )

Tengen Toppa: Gurren Laggan. TV-14-DLSV. (August 2 2014- )

DBZ:Abridged (The Parody Series). TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-D. (August 5 2014- )

NOTICE: If anyone would like their Show aired on the Dark Side Channel please let me know in the comments, I'd be happy to air them here.

Un-Renewed Syndicated ProgramsEdit

MAD. TV-PG-LV. (September 10 2010-September 14 2014)

Dark Side Presents (In Order as They air/supposed to air)Edit

The Final Ghosts. TV-14-L-V

The Force. TV-14

Day Care. TV-14-LV

The Revenge. TV-14-D

Ditch'd. TV-PG-DLV


Generation Series TV-PG-DLV/ TV-14-V

More to come soon...

Films Edit

Team Commando: The Launch. TV-MA-LV

Titanic III. TV-14-DLSV

Dick Figures The Movie. TV-MA-L

WTFHS in The High School's Sh*tty Movie. TV-MA-LSV

Collaborated Projects Edit

MAD The Reserection. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-L


The SpDinner Show. TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLSV

Specials/ One Shots Edit

ASDFmovies. TV-PG-LV

LazerCollections. TV-14-DLV

'Family Friendly EnterTainment'. TV-MA-LSV

A Giant Turtle Takes on The World. TV-PG-DLSV

.Mov Series. TV-MA-LSV

Upcoming Shows/ Projects Edit

Meow Town. TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-S

Stuck In Hell. TV-MA-LSV

Sucessful Pilots Edit

LegendsOfTheSpaceMan [Demo]. TV-G

News@4. TV-14-D

Heil Honey I'm Home. TV-14

The Echoing. TV-MA-V

Meow Town. TV-14-DSV

Stuck In Hell. TV-MA

Pilots awaiting a Decision Edit

Childhood Ruiner. TV-MA-S

Nocturne(After Completion Of YearsOfHell). TV-14-LV

Screw Reality. TV-14-DLSV

The Happy Wheels Show. TV-MA-V

Racisist News. TV-MA-L

Legos For All Ages. TV-14-LV

Scrapped Projects Edit

Camp: What? TV-14-DLV

Programming Blocks Edit

These are the list of blocks that either air new shows/ movies and showing which days they air and at what time.

Horrific Mondays. (TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LSV) 12:00-1:00 am. Monday

Extremely Late Zone. (TV-Y7-FV/ TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LS) 2:00-5:00 am. Tuesday

Original Fridays. (TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LSV) 9:00pm-12:30am. Friday

Special Thursdays. (TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLV/ TV-MA-LSV). 9:00-11:30pm

Anime Action Pack. (TV-PG-DLSV/ TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-V). 5:00- 7:30 pm. Saturdays

Sunday at The Cinema. (TV-14-DLSV/ TV-MA-LSV) 9:00pm-End of Film

Dark Side Presnets. (TV-PG-DLV/TV-14-DLSV/TV-MA) 12:30 am at the first day of each month

Schedule Edit

For the Current Schedule see (Link Coming Soon). The schedule will be changed when new shows are added