Cartoon RaGE
Launched October 26th, 2014 A.D. 7:55:01 AM (Preview)
November 2014 (official release)
Owned by RaGE Media Group
Picture format SDTV 4:3
HDTV 16:9
Slogan "Only Cartoon RaGE has the worlds best cartoons".
Country United States
Language English
Broadcast area North America

Cartoon RaGE is a American television network created by Chaossy. It broadcast anything cartoons, with one or two anime's here and there.

Rating System Edit

The ratings can range from TV-Y7 to TV-PG during the daytime (8am - 7pm) and TV-PG to TV-MA during the nighttime (7pm - 8am).

Programming Edit

Acquired Programming Edit

Schedule Edit

The schedule can be viewed here.

Special Schedules Edit

  • Cartoon RaGE Christmas Rush (12/20 - 12/25)
    • From 12/20 - 12/24 this block aired from 3pm until 10pm, and on Christmas Day, it aired from 7am until 3:30pm.

Suggest a show! Edit

You can suggest a show by putting it below! Example:

  • Example Show (suggestion by username1006) [TV Rating: TV-Y7/TV-PG/TV-14/TV-MA]


  • Krazy vs. Life (suggested by Omgitskittykatty) Rated TV-PG and TV-14 ACCEPTED will run during Midnight Run
  • Cartoon Crossover Rated TV-PG/TV-PG-V ACCEPTED: Will air during Fridays