Atomic Nick is a sister channel of Nickelodeon. It is the only Nick channel which uses the "Splat" logo. It launched on June 13, 2011. It is made to gear towards only popular live action shows and mostly cartoons. It also runs Cartoon Network and Disney shows, but is mostly Nickelodeon.


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During an airing of Looney Tunes on Atomic Nick, Atomic Nick aired one of the Censored Eleven shorts, causing controversy with the government. However, shortly later, the government licensed 6 shorts to Viacom.


June 13, 2011-May 3, 2012: All nick characters.

May 3, 2012-March 11, 2013: Added Cartoon Network characters

March 11, 2013-August 31, 2013: Removed Cartoon Network characters because they were getting too much attention, when it was a nick channel. They still appear in up next bumpers though.

August 31, 2013-present: Re-added Cartoon Network characters but very little.


The mascots of the channel were the talking potatoes, who were 3 talking potatoes making jokes about the programming. They changed the mascots in August 2013 to characters by Matthew Stone (MattBoo, MattBomb , Mr. Pooper, etc.). The talking potatoes would not return until 2015.


Atomic Fridays-A Friday night new episode block, in the style of Cartoon Network's former block, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays.

Adult Flakes-An adult block showcase. Shows Include: The Ren & Stimpy Show Aqua Teen Hunger Force Home Movies Family Guy Futurama ADSFmovies YouTube Poops

The Atomic Christmas-From December 21 to December 31,all day Christmas episodes are featured. Overlaps Adult Flakes.

Atomic Flashback-A block of REALLY OLD Cartoons.

Atomic Planet-A Block of Cartoon Cartoons. Only airs on Sundays.

Scare-A-Thon: Same as The Atomic Christmas but with Halloween. Runs from October 24 to November 1.

Action Packed-2 hour daily action packed block.

Video GamesEdit

Atomic Racing! It was confirmed there will be a racing game.

Sister ChannelsEdit

Atomic Apocalypse in 5 Minutes-A channel geared towards 13-23 year olds.

Amusement ParkEdit

On January 3, 2014 a theme park will be released. It will feature rides from the shows such as Catscratch: Mecha Kitty Attack!