A Series of Horrible Stunts is the 94th episode of Living in the NICK House: Better Edition. Dudley, Buttercup, Patrick, White Fang & Hansel, Kirby, Yoshi, U.B., Diddy Kong, Pipsy, Tiptup, T.T., Hoops, Yoyo, Spike, the Angry Birds, the Uglydolls, Impy, Freddie, Cillia, Zim, Irken Rob, Skipper, Nerman, Poof, Foop, Plucky, Calamity, the Pigs, and Woody compete in a series of dangerous stunts.


Scene One: The HouseEdit

(Theme Song)

Woody: Yay! Sun Festival! Sun Festival! Sun Festival!

Porky: We're going Woody, j-j-j-just be patient.

Woody: How patient? Hospital Patient or Patient?

Porky: Which ever W-w-Woody. Now--

(A bandaged Woody enters the room)

Woody: I'm back from the hospital!

Porky: N-No! Not like that!

Woody: Oh.

(Woody then starts jumping all over the place and lands on Porky's shoulder)

Woody: I can't wait any longer, Porky! It's too hard not being excited about the Sun Festival!

(Ringing is heard)

Woody: It's time to go!

Porky: That was the d-doorbell.

Woody: Oh. I'll get it!

(Woody answers the door)

Woody: Hello?

Company Representative: Hello, sir. I'm a company representative of Walla Walla, Washington. I have chosen 44 people to compete in a series of stunts.

Woody: Yeah, come back tomorrow!

Company Representative: There's a prize of $1 billion!

(Woody stops)

Woody: $1 billion?

(Woody walks backwards to the representative)

Woody: We'll do it!

Company Representative: Great! Now just sign this contract in case any of you get sprained, hanged, shot, fired, kicked, bonked, injured, or you suddenly go missing!

(Woody's tailfeathers fall off)

Woody: Deal!

(Woody signs the contract)

Company Representative: Great! See you tomorrow, you little woodpecker!

(Woody speeds to the main hangout)

Woody: GUYSGUESSWHAT?!?!?!?!

Spike: AH! Do not do that again!

Woody: Sorry.

Porky: What's g-g-g-What's happening?

Woody: 44 of us will compete in a series of dangerous stunts for $1 billion!

Plucky: $1 billion?! I'm in it!

Woody: Great! See you guys tomorrow!

(Woody runs)

Porky: That doesn't s-s-sound good.

Woody: Hey, Porky! Do you have a giant first-aid kit just in case if any accidents happen?

(Woody zooms off)

Porky: You guys are gonna be toast.



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